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IITTCO is a private holding company based in Khartoum,Sudan. Established in 1998, the company initially worked in import and export as well as local trade and transportation. Since then, IITTCO has expanded it's scope of work to many different fields including but not limited to: mining, agriculture, and livestock production. Furthermore, the company has established offices in Uganda and South Sudan as a part of fruitful expansions into the region.  

Since it's humble beginnings, IITTCO has been able to slowly increase it's yearly revenue by taking on contracting projects in Sudan and using that capital to acquire new assets and businesses that would facilitate bigger and bigger contracts. By slowly increasing it's fleet of trucks and barges, IITTCO has now become a main tranporter of WFP and IOM goods across the East/Central African lands.

Despite the main focus of IITTCO being in trade and transport, the company has continued to expand it's horizon in terms of activity, with many opportunities presenting themselves in the Sudanese economy and a different avenues for growth being identified. The company plans on being in the forefront of revolutionizing the Sudanese private sector and connecting Sudan to the region as well as the rest of the world.

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Our Logo

The Colours of Wealth

The four squares of the logo, through their colours, each represent a field of heavy activity for IITTCO as well as a source of wealth and untapped potential for the country of Sudan. These colours of weatlh are as follows:

  • Blue - The Nile River / River Tranport

  • Green - Farming and Agriculture

  • Yellow - Mining and Ore processing

  • Red - Livestock / Animal Produce

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