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As IITTCO steadily grew in size within the scope of trade and transportation, it became quite evident that there were a lot of infant industries in Sudan that were riddled with outdated practices and inefficient techniques or just lacking sufficient competition to drive the industry forward, this realization of potential for growth outside it's specified field of trade and transport led the company to develop a new business model that is not limited to one discipline or sector without having to abandon it's primary activites.

IITTCO has most prominently been working with UN organizations such as the WFP and IOM as a registered tranportation contractor, conducting trips within and between East/Central African countires through inland, river and airlift tranport. As well as IITTCO Khartoum being a registered supplier with the WFP for food grains such as sorghum and wheat. 

Using the expertise in management that IITTCO and it's core employees have gained over the past 22 years in addition to the borrowed specialities of experts in different fields such as farming, logistics, geology and e-commerce, this organization has been able to successfully establish itself across multiple sectors and gain a competitve advantage in different markets by implementing innovative techniques and technologies over the ubiquitous traditional practices that are less effective and efficient.

Leading to a now where the company is active across multiple industries and always looking to engage the next opportunity with calculated intiative.

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Company Portfolio

Below are some of the ongoing projects led by IITTCO.

Activities: Services

Aurum Gold Mining / Processing

Nouraya, Sudan

Aurum is a business operation which represents and controls all gold mining activities of IITTCO in Sudan. The sister company has been operating since the early part of 2020 and is now thriving in the field with prominent plans of expansion across the mining sector.

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